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    Navigation: Old School vs New School

    Leased a sailboat in 1990 from a client. She took the loran out and required me to take nav lessons. Did it at the NY planetarium. First trip from Oyster Bay to port Jefferson Harbor, we hit heavy fog and used dead (ded?) reckoning to navigate to the marker just outside the harbor. Hit the can...
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    Furler wrapping around forestay

    I have been wrapping the spin halyard around the CDI furler often this year. I have to re-tension the halyard before every sail and carefully and slowly let the genoa out. I do not know why the halyard gets slack. Could just be temperature as this began when the temperatures in NY got to 100...
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    Keel wrap -- or -- The perfect figure eight

    As said before, if you didn't learn something new today, check the obits.
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    Navigation: Old School vs New School

    Day sail in the Hudson River solo. Only sail when weather is good so visual. Never even turn on the chart plotter that came with the boat. Too far from the tiller to see. Use a hand held GPS for speed info. Been working/recreating on the Hudson since 1969. I know all the shallows and eddy's but...
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    Let there be fright

    When taking my grand kids out for the first time, just puttered around with only the genoa out. They loved this gentle sailing but not as much as my son who is scared to death of sailboats. Something about getting knocked out by a boom many years ago. The kids just used the boat like a jungle...
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    Activities between Sailing

    The tomatoes are ripening along with the basil, a little fresh mozzarella, voila a meal. Working with yellow tomatoes waiting for the reds to ripen.
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    Hauling/Launching Trailered Boats with a Strap or Rope

    First launch of my Capri 22 WK put the wheels into the water with the exhaust bubbling in the water. NO float! Chocked the wheels unhitched from the vehicle and tied it to the hitch with 50 feet of anchor line wrapped multiple times. Unchocked one wheel and the trailer and boat went flying down...
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    Activities between Sailing

    You are not alone Stu. My skiing buddy from Marin CA has never had a phone in his life. When we ski, I'm his personal secretary with his office, wife and clients all knowing to call Arnie, not Ken. I went to HS with Ken and have been skiing with him for 40+ years. No phone has not kept him from...
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    Retirement "What If"

    Retirement? Whats that! Still working full time at 72 and only regret not having more sailing/skiing time. This year am taking one day a week to sail/ski as I don't see full retirement for a few years. Running a small company.
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    How far do you trailer?

    My brother-in-law towed the boat from St. Petersberg to Mahwah when I bought it (1200 miles). I towed it 20 miles from my house to my marina, launched it, sail from a dock once or twice a week weather and life permitting. The trailer is being worked on as it was not up to the task. Keel sitting...
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    Activities between Sailing

    Since sailing in the NE is a seasonal endeavor, skiing all winter into the spring. Growing tomatoes during the summer and attempting to keep the property looking like I live there. Dreaming about the household projects I would like to do and procrastinating about hiring professionals who would...
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    You must consider how and where you sail. If you only day sail close to occupied shores, your cell phone is your backup and the range of a hand held is more than adequate.
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    Control line purchase

    Had the high wind day last Saturday. Winds started good at 8 knts falling off to 3. Tried ghosting and was able to get 3 knots with little wind. Then the squall hit. 35 knt winds and driving rain. The genoa jammed leaving a small patch of headsail the size of a storm jib. Fortunate actually. I...
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    {splash} !@#$%^ &*!!!

    A Blackberry on the ramp launching. It glowed at me til I touched it for retrieval and then dead. The battery has a water indicator which snitched on why it didn't work.
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    BWI laws

    I never drink alcohol when sailing, I need the little sense god gave me to properly sail. Hence no worry about being boarded. In all my years of sailing i have been boarded twice. The first time was in 1990 in Oyster bay sailing a boat i leased for a year (29 foot Jeanneau). It was Oyster...