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    356 engine kill question

    Most cables and Teleflex brands have teflon liners. Lubricating degrades the teflon and causes the cable to'stick' Nothing better than good old soapy water :)
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    Does my forestay need to be tightened

    My H356 has the same foresail behaviour... very slack and sloppy. I have measured the mast rake as per Seldens tuning N°1. My local rigger has verified this too and says it's quite 'normal'. Unfortunately there are no methods to tighten the forestay without changing or shortening it :( So...
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    H356 Cutlass bearing size

    Very nice marinehowto website. Had a great time looking through the 'fails' gallery :)
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    H356 Cutlass bearing size

    Im going to put on a dripless volvo type stuffing box. Worked perfectly on my past boats. For the propeller i'm going to try the Kiwiprop. Lots and lots of positive points... including the price. I'll do the work myself... knowing my local professional mechanic will not be far away if I have...
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    H356 Cutlass bearing size

    And what about the length of the propeller shaft? If I discover i need to change it once the boat is out of the water? Better have a B plan ready for action :)
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    H356 Cutlass bearing size

    Good day everyone. I'm going to change my stuffing box and propeller in a couple of weeks. I'll also change the cutlass bearing at the same time if only I could find the size of it : inside outside diameter and length. Anyone know what size please?
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    Engine hours

    In europe Yanmar is distributed by Fenwick... The guys that make industrial elevateurs fork lifts etc. Fenwick say a major engine rebuild only after 15000 hours. Knowing that I think these boat engines are really good. There are more problems with peripheral equipment (water pump, heat exchanger...
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    Yanmar 3GM30F Water Heater

    I think the water heater helps cool the engine... extra calories going to the water heater! If you don't want hot water then just put a straight barb on the water pipes at the back of the water heater :) Really easy to reconnect the day you want some hot water !
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    356 to bemuda?

    People have sailed around the world on 20ft home made boats. Size of boat is a question of comfort. Keep an eye on the weather. Bad weather is not a catastrophy. The bigger the boat the more diesel/food/water you can take. I have sailed (as a professionnel skipper) hundreds of different boats...
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    Water below the engine tray - Where does it drain?

    On my H356 this water under the engine pan that you can see through the hole comes from the stuffing box. I've taken the screwed floor boards up to make sure there is a drain hole into the bilge :)
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    H356 yanmar 3gm30 engine mount

    I have a Bolt on the front starboard engine mount that bas loosened. Does anyone know how to tighten it ? I can't find access to put a spanner or socket?
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    H356 battery upgrade

    Anybody out there added batteries to their 356? Thé battery box in the aft Locker is very small... Anybody ideas?
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    1999 or 98 Yanmar 36 HP, Model no. 3JH2E has bluish white exhaust

    For less than $250 change your exhaust elbow. I do this with every sail boat I've bought. The exhaust bluish white can often be water vapour... your elbow and heat exchanger needs a bit of looking after. My mecanic takes the heat exchangeur and cleans it with electrons in a special liquid bath...
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    Trans Atlantic crossing on 356

    My 356 has a class A certification. I will fit a bilge pump into the rear lockers soon. If any water gets in there from damage to the rudder stock for example, the water would quickly fill the back end of the boat. Waterproofing the removable wood panel between the aft state room and this rear...
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    Electronic tank gauge

    Thanks for all your comments and help. I sailed a Bénéteau 46 to Gibraltar once. 210 litres de fuel. Except the triangular tank prevents the fuel pick UP pipe going to the bottom. So 190 litres available... I am now very more cautious. I note the hours when I fill up. 3lit hour is about average...