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    Stay/shroud tension

    Another option MIGHT be to put a block under the mast step to raise the mast the desired/necessary amount.
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    advice: suggestions for attaching furler to bow eye.

    Use a spare halyard (spinnaker or main) attached to bow near the stem head fitting. Tighten the halyard to pull the masthead forward.
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    Show us your trailer mods

    OK, I'll go first. Nothing too fancy, the angled boards help guide the keel to the center of the trailer in crosswinds or when you can't actually see the trailer. The box covers protect the lights from sun damage and breakage.
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    Memorial Day

    Thanks for sharing, Peggy. All the best to you.
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    Sealant on garboard drain plug

    How about Loctite?
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    Battery maintenance for dummies

    Stu, maybe you could start a Go Fund Me site.
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    Current State of Things

    64° on Charlotte Harbor today. I had to wear long pants sailing!
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    Detroit River travel

    Our most recent recent trips from Lake Erie to Lake Huron in 2016 and 2017 we did not call in. That being said, we've had a Nexus card for a decade.
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    She's for sale!...and she's a basket case.

    Good news, it looks like the clevis pins for the rig are still there.
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    Sailing to Dock

    Assuming your boat has a tiller, and if you only need to move a quarter mile, have you considered sculling your boat? We once sculled a Catalina 22 about a mile on the Erie Canal when we lost the outboard. If you can pick a light wind day, or an on shore breeze, it's even easier.
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    Choking Diesel

    Would it be simpler to just keep more fuel in the tank?
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    Handling Issues while docking

    First thing I would do is run a low stretch line between the two docks from the outboard dock post to the dock. Stretch the line as tight as possible and then hang two or three fenders at appropriate locatations. Then figure out the best place for a spring line to stop the boat before it can...
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    Need retainer for Barient 10P winch

    I'd try a good hardware store to find something close. No reason it has to be an exact match as long as you can make it fit.
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    Collision today

    Also, very lucky the mast didn't come down!
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    Solar Panel Odd Failure

    What sort of warranty do the panels have? When I saw the difference between a flex panel warranty and the rigid panel (3 or 4 years vs 18-20 years) we went with the rigid.