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    Boston Whaler Harpoon 5.2 found this on line- have no personal experience.
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    P42 fixed port light replacement / reseal

    see similar threads -among others
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    I have to fix a leaking fixed port

    3M makes a double sided tape for this purpose. The tape is about 1/2" wide and 3/32 thick (approx). I saw on line how to do this. The tape is unforgiving once placed. So the rough steps are to remove all old sealing material on the fibergalss and frame. Place the tape on the frame- check...
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    Rust spots on my Pearson P26 cast iron keel

    I did this on a P26 more than a few years ago. I used a pneumatic needle scaler to remove the paint and rust. I had a compressor that I wheeled into the car and never removed at the boatyard - just ran hose. IMO this is the tool to get into all the dips and dimples. A disk grinder will only...
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    Terminal block connection

    Yes, I agree on he wire condition. The block is for the Nav Lights. Actually someone tried to force both of those #16's into the same slot. I plan to use a single wire in the block and crimp to the two after cleanup.
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    Terminal block connection

    I don't see how to engage the connector on this terminal block.
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    Deck Grab rail removal

    Rather than drill out the plugs, I have drilled a small hole ~1/16" in the near center. Then carefully cut thru or sand the surface varnish to keep the hoe edges from chipping the surface. Then use a sheet metal screw down thru the hole. The screw threads grab onto the plug and the plug gets...
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    Glow plugs leaking

    Did a quick Google search and there are other possibilities "leaking glow plugs". Could also be cracked glow plug ceramic, spray from the injectors pooling in the glow plug hole.
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    Glow plugs leaking

    As I remember it, the glow plug has only a taper at the end that seats against the head. I think you either have debris in the holes or seat damage. The problem you have is that any cleaning/grinding allows that material down into the engine where it may live forever- doing damage.
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    Oberdorfer water leak.

    For those who choose to rebuild - I found this tool fab directions somewhere and it worked great. Take an allen hex key and shorten the small end so that the overall width is less than the shaft diameter. Then grind a flat on the bottom and then grind the top so that he thickness is about...
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    First 405 interior wood.

    I replaced the vertical risers in the salon on my B411 (1989). these may differ from you bulkheads. I emailed Ward at Beneteau USA and got this back ." This wood is a tropical hardwood related to the mahogany family; the species is Tieghemella Africana of the Sapotaceae family. We no longer...
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    The missing zinc

    You should be able to remove the end cap without issue - maybe find more than one zinc. Also lets you check the condition of the tubes. I've reused the rubber gasket. In a pinch, you can use a thin film of Loctite Gasket Eliminator to both sides of the rubber. The Gasket Eliminator is like...
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    1989 Catalina 30 Recommended Points for Pre-Inspection

    Or just select a boat type or state from the listings in the header
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    1989 Catalina 30 Recommended Points for Pre-Inspection

    Try Use the search function
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    Missed out on the perfect boat... maybe you've seen others

    Try . That's how I bought our B411 - it was actually a charity donation and there was only a little water damage from leaky ports. A lot of these are insurance salvage and you can choose depending on your skill and the extent of the damage