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    85 Hunter 28.5 Model specific problems?

    Thanks, a lot of good information
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    85 Hunter 28.5 Model specific problems?

    My son is looking at a mid eighties Hunter 28.5 and I was wondering if there are any model specific areas that he should be looking at other than the basic hardware and mechanical parts that are pretty much the same on all sailboats. Thanks
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    Replacement foredeck hatch for '85 Mac 25

    Was on vacation, yes I have a stern rail have no idea how to ship it
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    Replacement foredeck hatch for '85 Mac 25

    I parted out a 85 Mac 25 and have a original forward hatch. You can pm me.
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    Dinette table Mac 25

    Here is a photo of my extra table. If mailing the bulkheads is to expensive paper patterns could be made as an alternative
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    Dinette table Mac 25

    I think I might have an extra table from parting out a Mac 25. I'll look tomorrow
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    NAPA belt source:

    If the fractional horsepower belt (A43) was working for you just get a 4L450W which is a heavy duty 1/2 X 45 inch belt as long as you don't want a cogged belt . FYI an A belt is 2 inches longer than the part number. Gates makes NAPA belts. Carry a spare.
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    NAPA belt source:

    NAPA # 25-9447 is 1/2 " X 44 7/8 should fit fine believe me I own a NAPA Store ( Napa Know How) or # 25-9447HD
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    87' Mac25 to live aboard, is it enough?

    I own a Mac 25 and although I love it for weekends I couldn't stay on it for over a few days, you would be better off living in a tent if you are considering full time. Just my opinion.
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    MacGregor Swing Keel - Complete rebuild

    I know a guy who has a keel from a 1985 MAC 25 problem is it's in Oklahoma
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    Another full moon sail

    We were sailing 150 miles North on Kaw Lake, yes it was beautiful, perfect winds but you left out the fact that the planet Mars was highly visible. A great night for sailing in Oklahoma! P.S. loved your video
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    In need of Venture / Macgregor 25 Keel Replacement

    I have a extra keel from a 1981 Mac 25 but problem is I'm in Oklahoma!!
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    Lets talk ladders--(folding, telescopic or neither)

    Have you ever tried using a rope ladder? Mine ended up being impossible to let me get back on board after I decided to go for a swim while single-handed. Had to wait for a passing boat to help me get back on board. Be sure it is doable.
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    M25 keel - ebay

    There is one for sale in classifieds on this site for less-just sayin!