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    Any recommendations for Anchor windlass

    I was thinking of a Lewmar V700 on a Catalina 36... Any thoughts?
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    jack lines

    Hi Dale, We used jack lines when we brought our boat up the west coast. They are nylon straps and run from the cleat at the bow to the two cleats at the aft end of the boat, port and starboard. The lines run along the outer walkway at the cabin base, inside the mast shrouds. We clipped onto...
  3. Lowe Inlet, BC
Salmon/Bear country

    Lowe Inlet, BC Salmon/Bear country

  4. Kutz Inlet

    Kutz Inlet

  5. Wild West Coast

    Wild West Coast

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    Hurth Transmission

    thanks for the reply Thanks for the info. I know that the transmission and engine were both low on fluids and I suspect always so.
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    Hurth Transmission

    I just purchased a C36 with an M-25XP Universal diesal and a Hurth transmission that has to be changed out. I have a freind who had trouble with his Hurth and the boat I've purchased had only 1900 hours on it. Are the new Hurth transmissions good quality or should I be considering a different...
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    Keel bolt issues?

    thank you, the boat we're looking at is 1988. Interesting. Is there a simple fix?
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    Keel bolt issues?

    I'm looking at purchasing a Catalina 36 I was told by a boat surveyor that the Catalina's are known for the keel smiling at the joint between the keel and hull. I thought this was a C@C issue, not a Catalina issue. Is this so?