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    I have a broken strut on my 356

    You will save yourself a lot of trouble down the road by replacing the shaft even if slightly bent and you would not know if it is (most likely it is). While you are at it, get a pss dripless seal as well. The whole procedure is not that difficult. I have done it twice: Order shaft, strut and...
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    Min Size Sailboat

    Min size for me will be 30 ft and enough headroom for your height. The market also confirms this. There is a sweet spot around 30 ft where you have many options available, starting with the Catalina 30, my Hunter 31, etc. Many of these boats sell for $15k. It is not advisable to go much lower...
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    It is not an easy upgrade. The instruments go from Seatalk to nmea2000 either through the Raymarine converter or through a Raymarine blackbox that is relatively cheap. Then you have the autopilot, while it will work through the converter you will want to upgrade to a new autopilot that is nmea...
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    H34 Questions for inspecting and seeking advice

    I know these boats pretty well. If the current owner is reading this forum and cares to participate in the thread, that would be enough for me to buy the boat on the spot, especially at this price. These are 35 year boats, you can't expect everything to be working as on a five year old boat. I...
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    Interesting STng to ST1 conversion info

    Yep, the entire Seatalk 1 to Seatalk NG is a mess. When you connect Seatalk 1 instruments in this way, you should not connect the red 12V Seatalk 1 wire because Seatalk 1 can draw a lot more power and will trip your Seatalk NG connection.
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    Auto Pilot for H34

    I went from Raymarine ST4000+ to SPX5 on my Hunter 31, with the wheel drive. I have been happy with both autopilots but the SPX5 is more powerful and seems to hold course better in bigger seas. I find the rudder position indicator very useful, so do install one, it is simple and inexpensive. The...
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    Thoughts on dinghies?

    Short range vs. long range is the relevant decision, also do you mostly dock at marinas, moorings or at anchor? All boats have tenders and it is up to the owner to make the trade-off between storage and performance. In my case, I am on a small boat, mostly sail, little anchoring. I have a PVC...
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    1979 Hunter Cherubini 33 Questions

    There a couple of factors to consider. First, do you like the boat design? The Cherubini Hunter 33 has a good reputation but it is an old fashioned design, narrow beam, narrow stern, limited light. Those things you cannot change. It could be good for offshore work but you need to factor in...
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    Wind sensor positioning

    Ideally, you should have two wind sensors. One in front, one behind the mast. For a cruising sailor, I would dare to claim that behind the mast is a better location. I would rather have good wind reading when broad reaching under a spinnaker, instead of close hauled which is always easier to...
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    Hunter 31 - Yanmar 2GMF wet exhaust hose question

    My 1984 H31 hose is routed exactly the same way you describe, never had a problem.
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    H31 leak

    I has a similar leak on my H31. In my case, it was the exhaust hose attachment to the through hull. It is a little bit difficult to get too, you need to lie down in the lazarette and peek behind the fuel tank with a flash light. It is either the exhaust hose or the starboard cockpit drain hose...
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    installing mast steps on H31

    Mast steps make climbing up the mast easy and safe. The issue is that they look ugly and if you think about it, you do not need to go up the mast that often to justify the ugly look. I would inspect my mast head, replace the lights with LEDs, minimize chafe and then hope to not to have to climb...
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    What radar to buy-need help?

    Please, realize that any radar, including the Pathfinder RL70 (circa 2001) will do that (Marpa & autopilot integration) and of course, it is very useful for racing (tracking other boats), at anchor, in fog or in general. The new solid state radars (3G and up, Quantum, Fantom) use less power and...
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    Removing bent driveshaft strut from 1985 hunter 31

    I would install a PSS dripless at this stage. It is a much better option. Check it out.
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    My preferences for navigational devices: $20 App on the phone (Navionics or others, always good to have, difficult to use on the water) $50 App on the iPad (no real benefit to the phone, same difficulty to use) $240 Garmin 44cv series (sonar+chartplotter, excellent, you get depth plus...