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    Ferrules on shore power wires with SmartPlug?

    Great choice on the Smart Plug. :dancing: Not only do the ferrules hold the strands together, but in most plugs I've seen the screws that make the connection crush and separate the strands of the wire, so the ferrules give the screw something to push into that does not give. When I first...
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    Catalina 30 engine access doors

    Our hinges are on the top of the doors, no kneeling on them but a pain to keep out of the way. Cutting off the hinge pin and using a cotter pin is a great idea!
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    Locking the CB

    I had a centerboard on my previous boat, an O'Day 23. It was a regular fibreglass centerboard, not an iron encapsulated swing keel. On the O'Day there is no way to lock it down, and just a cleat to tie off the pendant to to hold it up in its trunk. As far as a knock-down goes, if you tip...
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    New Owner

    Congratulations on the new (to you) boat. For some ideas, check out what we've done to our 1985 Catalina 30. If you haven't already, also check the C34 site for critical updates. (Particularly if you have an inboard engine, but it looks like you may have an outboard in the one picture.)
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    cabin top hood removal -leak deck crack

    The teak trim to either side of the companionway hatch have bungs (small dowels of wood) inserted in the screw holes that hold it (and the hatch 'garage') in place. If you look closely, you should see little circles about every 10 inches or so. (Grain direction different and/or slightly...
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    Bitter sweet first launch

    Define 'Plastic'. To my knowledge, Marlon is fine under water. I do not recall ever seeing nylon thru-hulls threaded to accept a seacock and every thru-hull below the water should have a seacock.
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    Better Cigarette Lighter Plug

    We sail on Lake Lanier, N.E. of Atlanta GA. We have a modified triple 12v outlet in the cockpit. One is the normal outlet with cover, one was converted to accept a waterproof ethernet jack and the other for an F connector with RG-6 for an HDTV antenna. We have not had any issues with...
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    Companionway Hatch Water Capture Cure

    Could be a P(revious)O(wner) replaced the trim and did not re-create the scupper. Should still come out under the trim however. If you try a high-pressure jet, be careful. On ours a pressure washer tore the front end off the coach roof. I'd recommend a low pressure jet from a hose first...
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    Used Catalina 30

    No boat is going to be 'issue free'. Checkout this page for things you need to be aware of with some older Catalinas. A lot depends on how comfortable you are with DIY repairs. We upgraded from a 1984 O'Day 23 to a 1985 Catalina 30. We really enjoy the extra room, particularly head room...
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    Used Catalina 30

    Are you near the boat? As stated previously, everything depends on how well everything was maintained. Go over the boat, look for things that are easier to maintain. Oil levels, strainer condition, belt tension & condition, etc. If easily maintained items weren't, you can bet harder, more...
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    Air Conditioning - $300....?

    Marine A/Cs are more than 'portables', but imho they are vastly superior if you actually NEED A/C. If you are in northern climes they may do, but here in Atlanta they can't cut it when the air temp is near 100... We had tried a cruise-air portable unit and it did not do anything but drip...
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    Slap, Crackle, Pop

    My biggest gripe is halyards left to flog the mast. In my experience, tightening the halyards does not work in every wind condition. On our vessel (1985 Catalina 30) the halyards for the main and drifter are run to a loop on the cabin top handrail far enough back/forward so they do not hit the...
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    Icebox conversion kit for '79 C30

    We have the Norcold unit in our 1985 Catalina 30. It is auto-sensing dual voltage, so it can run on 110v or 12v. For our '85 we used the 'L' shape plate. We have the bi-fold teak cooler doors and they leak a lot of air. I added a strip of insulation along the hinge and also a thinner strip...
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    Companionway door

    Thanks. Note the link is to PINTREST, not INSTAGRAM. IIRC you don't have to join PINTREST to view items. But incase I'm wrong:
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    Companionway door

    I created a set of doors for our 1985 Catalina 30. [See my PINTREST page for plans] They are made of White Oak ($80 vs $700 for Teak) and have removable panels, one set clear for light and the other opaque for privacy. A screen set could also be made if desired. The panels fit in a 1/4"...