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    Block in Lazarette

    I would guess it whoever put it in thought it was easier to make an angled bottom this way. Perhaps it was done at the boat and they only had a circular saw?
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    Anchor locker lament

    Ours is the typical old-style hole in the foredeck with a flimsy door over it. Nothing to hold the door up and out of the way while deploying/recovering the anchor, not even a backing plate to secure the bitter end of the rode. No place for a windlass and the anchor is left to bounce around on...
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    Electrical System Grounding

    An AC (L or N) to G short will only be energised when plugged into a power source. If Shore Power, then the safety ground will take care of it. I am under the impression (but no direct knowledge) that a generator ground will also handle it. We added an AC ELCI main breaker specifically for...
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    New Catalina 30 Owner

    We love our 1985 C30, I'm sure you will too. You need to check this page out: http://c34.org/bbs/index.php/topic,5078.0.html It has some important safety and reliability information. (C34s share much with our C30s) Especially since you have staring issues be sure to check the section on the...
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    Game on! 2018 Photo Contest

    The view from our boat this morning.
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    Refrigeration question

    I installed the replacement. The coolant lines are pre-charged. Our compressor is in the starboard lazerette, so you would thread the lines to where you place yours. You CAN NOT cut them and do not kink them. The compressor has 12 v lines that need connected and a 110 plug if you have an...
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    Refrigeration question

    A P.O. had installed a cooler conversion in our 1985 C30. When I pierced the cooling plate we replaced it with a Thetford NorColder SCQT4408F-L. https://www.thetford.com/product/norcolder-scqt-4408f/ It is a dueal voltage unit, uses 110 if available else uses 12v.
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    Fusion MS-BB100 vs Simrad SonicHub2

    Thinking of getting a marine radio with NMEA2K compatibility. Can anyone offer an informed opinion on the following: Fusion MS-RA70Ni; Fusion MS-BB100 or Simrad SonicHub2? The backs of the SonicHub and BB100 look very similar, I wonder if Fusion makes the Simrad radios....
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    How do you handle the heat?

    Usually the boom tent goes over the boom and is attached to the lifelines with bungee cords to keep it tight and off the cabin roof. The foredeck triangle is also attached to lifelines with bungees to keep it off the foredeck roof. (Maybe even the jib halyard in the center.) This gives shade...
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    How do you handle the heat?

    Boom tent, open hatches and 12v fans when on the hook and marine A/C when at the dock. A good boom tent can be worth its weight in freshwater on a hot sunny day.
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    Oil change Universal 15. But I found this tag...

    I use a oil extractor on our Universal M-25. Push the small tube inside you pan drain tube and Voila. You can use any appropriate oil filter from an auto-parts store. We used Engine Oil (SHELL ROTELLA T6), Oil Filter (WIX 51334XP) and Fuel 10 micron Filter (WIX 33390). If you have one...
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    Keel separation or bad fairing?

    What did the surveyor say? (And does he have experience with Catalina keels?) Is a 95 a 320 or plain 32? Assuming the J-Bolts are held in place by a jig while the lead is poured and cooled, it should not be that hard to be able to pre-drill backing plates to the same distance. (They do it...
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    How much is a cold beer worth?

    Another reason some get away with it is they don't actually have it in the cabin. I had an O'Day 23 that had a 'cooler' under a cockpit seat. No problem. Same thing if you have it in an igloo type cooler that stays in the cockpit. Any gas overflow either is picked up by the wind or spills...
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    Galley Shelf retrofit

    What do you mean by 'rebuilt'? Did you redesign it, or was there damage that needed repair? Always looking for things to make our boat better.
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    Galley Shelf retrofit

    Did you ever make the galley shelf?