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    B331 standard two bladed prop size?

    On my Ben 331 from 2001 the factory installed prop. was 16x12RH (clockwise) the engine ia a Volvo Penta 2030 29hp. and shaft is 25mm. I changed the prop. to a 3 blade VariProfile. and are very happy with the performance, on flat water 1800rpm I go approx 5kn.
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    Getting a bow thruster?

    I am considering installing a bow thruster on my Ben 331 and is looking for any recommendations on size and brand. Thanks
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    Beneteau backstay tip long screw replacement

    If you go to this web-site http://spareparts.beneteauusa.com and signup as new user. Then you will be able to find spare parts for the Beneteau boats.
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    Beneteau 331 Main sheet Traveller

    Hi, Any one installed or having a Main sheet traveller on their B331. looking forward to any recommendations BR Bess :)