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    AIS Installation

    BC. I installed a XB8000 in 2017. I bought it from Milltechmarine (AIS Transponders) in December when he was located in Gig Harbor. They had the best price at the time. Plus got a $50 rebate in addition from the Seattle Boat show promotion. It is attached to a Vesper splitter, and shares the...
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    Shout Out to The GPS Store and (gasp) West Marine

    Sweet trick. :biggrin:
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    Wheel Pilot Malfunction.

    Congrats Ralph. Nothing more satisfying then finding a solution That works. Fair Winds.
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    Diesel Heater

    I inherited an uninstalled Wallas 40DT forced air heater in my boat purchase. Planning the duct routes, cold air return and heater location are important as @dLj points out. I have found that in the depth of winter the ducts need to be insulated for the heat at the registers to impact the temp...
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    Rigging preventer lines H260

    Chuck. Perhaps it is important to understand the reason and conditions you want to use a preventer. Preventers used in cruising where use maybe for extended periods, in conditions that the boom might dip into a wave, or sudden squalls and strong winds my suddenly appear have far different force...
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    Annapolis Boat Show reactions

    Thanks for the recognition @Ward H, I did fly out to Annapolis at the suggestion of @LeslieTroyer. It was a great suggestion and experience for me. I lived a year near Annapolis back in the early 70’s. It was a surprise to see all the changes. The show was a great presentation of the upper end...
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    Where do I find this part

    Yes. but make sure it is the same values so it does the job intended.
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    Annapolis Boat Show reactions

    Not to enter into the whole global warming thing, but for eons folks have chosen locations near water to site their villages. These change into towns then cities. We build buildings and pave roads and construct McMansions so close together that we can reach out thru the bathroom window and snag...
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    Congrats Christoper - Sailor - Adventurer

    Finding land after at 3 month voyage. Makes my coastal sailing seem insignificant. Oh well a sailor is a sailor.. We get a day off to celebrate. Hope you all get a chance to board your boat and attempt your own reenactment. Fair winds.
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    Dodger in my line of sight

    Great looking addition to your boat @Claude L.-Auger :clap:
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    Happy Birthday US Navy

    Happy Birthday. I visited the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History yesterday and got this image of an A7 Corsair II in their back lot. with over 580 built and operational they were a carrier plane flown, seen and serviced by many Navy men during the 70’s and 80’s This one is the...
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    Pilothouse in the PNW

    Balloons were up getting ready for the Daybreak assention. These balloonists are early to bed early to rise thinkers.
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    Pilothouse in the PNW

    It was 5:46 in New Mexico.
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    Pilothouse in the PNW

    That is what I guessed. While it would appear to be a convenient idea can you imagine the size of the filter that would be needed to only capture the good stuff? Like what would the playback be like of your thoughts while driving the school bus and the little kiddos are having a particular...
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    Fuel gauge / reading on a 2009 Beneteau 31

    Confused about this statement? There are gauges and they are reading zero? Or there is a blank piece of plastic where the gauge label is placed? Could it be the gauges are not powered on? Could all of the tanks be emptied? confused. :yikes::eek:o_O:wink3: