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    Beneteau 373 aluminum toe rail

    I don't know if you've sent an email to these guys. I know shipping might be expensive. The profile looks like yours. You can ask them for a photo. Tough to find. That's around $747 for a 5 foot piece. Expensive extruded aluminum.
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    Beneteau First 38 Owner's Manual

    The french version was posted here:
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    Profurl B35 swivel bushing

    I've changed the bushings on my profurl swivel recently. They are located in Quebec. They will confirm the part number and give you a local store to buy from. They're about $40 for both bushings. They will respond within a couple of days WPG Canada 169, rang 5 ouest Stoke, Qc J0B 3G0 Tel...
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    Converting in mast furling to traditional main

    I just came across this thread a bit late. Take a look at this B352 that's for sale at time start 1:39 and on wards. You'll see that this is originally a furling main but he has standard sail. Interesting.
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    stepping mast on beneteau 461

    This came with my boat and may help. It's for a furling main but still could be used and you can adjust for prebend. I set the tension to 13% using a Loos gauge.
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    Sticky main furler

    If you do a search here on this site as there has been many a discussion on main furling. If ;as you say, you can unfurl by pulling on the foot of the sail then there is too much friction on the outhaul. Check the outhaul car on the boom, the sheave at the end of the boom .
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    6 wire fuel sending unit - what is this?

    Read through this thread
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    What is this for?

    Ron30324, Close.:banghead: Just got the info from Ward Richardson. I do like their service. I have two possible answers. It is part of the Whisker pole down haul option. See drawing below. Or it was added to conform to CE safety standards for safety harness connection. Ward RICHARDSON
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    What is this for?

    That's probably what he'll say ( Ward Richardson):biggrin:
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    What is this for?

    HA:biggrin:, It would have a 3' foot, a pretty small self tacking jib and it's offset from center.
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    What is this for?

    Good one, I done that a few times. I'll send Ward an email and see what they had in mind.
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    What is this for?

    It's on all Beneteau 352's and 351's as you can see in the picture(not mine). It's not in the manual. I can't see a use for it.
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    Emergency tiller, B361

    If you can't find it , you can get it from Beneteau USA. See attached. Item 39
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    Hoisting furling mainsail

    He's going to send you this: It may help others.
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    Hoisting furling mainsail

    I have taken the mast down every year for the last 10 years. I hook up the swivel and feed the luff rope up the track and hoist away using McLube occasionally and keeping the luff close to the mast. When I reach the tack I continue to raise the sail until the tack luff rope is level with the...