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    St. Martin Bay, Lake Huron

    Hello All - Just got back from this year's trailer adventure, and already thinking of next year. I'd like to sail from St. Ignace, MI to Hessel, MI across the St. Martin Bay. I'd love to hear from anyone who has done it. Special challenges would include dodging the frequent (and very...
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    "The time has come," the walrus said, "to speak of many things . . ."

    On my first boat I developed a really nice scar on the cockpit sole where the boom would come crashing down every time I lowered the main. Yes, I knew what the topping lift was for, I just forgot to reattach it. . . . Every time! I think after awhile I just started sailing with the topping...
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    How far do you trailer?

    @Jackdaw We get back up there every couple years to visit family, what would you have suggested? I enjoyed sailing in Portage lake. I think I could make a three day cruise just out of that. Down the canal to Keweenaw Bay, up the canal to Torch Lake. Thought about lake Gogebic, it’s shallow...
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    Mackinaw island

    And if you rent a bike, the path around the perimeter is easy, the one across the middle is harder. I’m actually in St. Ignace right now, I’ll wave to you from across the straits.
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    How far do you trailer?

    @Jackdaw, my sister in law has lived up here for 17 years or so, and we trolls have been coming up for the summer for awhile, so we have a decent lay of the land. We had dinner at the Fitz tonight.
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    How far do you trailer?

    I certainly can’t complain about one perfect day of sailing on little Bay de Noc. The original plan was three days, sailing to Fayette State Park (in the Big Bay) and back the next day. The forecast for the next day was thunderstorms all day. Its always important to be mindful of weather, but...
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    Boat For The Grandkids

    Nobody mentioned the Pico. I think it’s made by the Laser people (?). Roto-molded hull and a single roller reefing sail. Easy to sail for kids, and a blast for adults as well. The junior sailing teacher at our local club prefers them over Optis because there is no fiberglass repair when the...
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    How far do you trailer?

    I’m just about wrapping up my tour of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. It’s ten hours, more or less, from Ann Arbor to Houghton. After sailing on Keweenaw Bay and Portage Lake (and visiting my sister-in-law) we drove three hours to Escanaba. The three days in the Escanaba marina were mostly taken...
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    The marina wait list

    @Parsons Hadn't considered Bay City. I'll PM you when I have something better than my phone to type on!
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    The marina wait list

    Lots of good advice - thanks everyone. Had never considered dry sailing. I'll have to check into it. @DayDreamer41 and @Parsons Yup, almost exactly 4 hours, which honestly is not far for an awesome weekend. We have trailered it to Sutton's bay several times, right now we are in escanaba -...
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    The marina wait list

    We have a trailerable boat, and for now our home port is my driveway, but I’m thinking it might be nice to not have to trailer it every time we sail. The marina where my wife thinks we should keep the boat has 58 people on the wait list, for a fairly small marina (Suttons Bay Michigan). I...
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    Screws inside of cabin

    Hi Everyone, C-18 owner here. So far, I have not put any screws into the boat. I have hung some things up suing 3M command strips, and a little Velcro, and have been pretty happy with the results, but... I have an idea of hanging a paper towel dispenser on the inside of the hull, and a fire...
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    Catalina 18 First Sail

    That’s a bone of contention right now. We have an 11’ dinghy that is ideal for the chain of lakes near my home. The c18 is for trailering, which means it isn’t used much. Last year we spent a week in Grand Traverse Bay. This year we are going to Escanaba to sail on the Bays du Noc, hopefully...
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    The two boat system

    @Daveinet I really do have about 6 boats. My wife calls them “the fleet.” I’ve built a couple, bought a few. Two boats get used. The others get wet when it rains. Except the cedar strip canoe, it’s hanging from the garage roof, so it doesn’t even get wet then.
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    The two boat system

    That’s what my wife says. There is a “yacht club” on the largest of the small lakes, and she thinks we need a slip there. I think the passagemaker dinghy just “fits” the small lakes better. Not sure why. We used to keep our Hunter 170 in the marina, it took less wind to sail, rowed decently...