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    Heat Exchanger 1988 Volvo Model 2003

    I had the same issue with my 2003T oil cooler. I had a mechanic plumb in a generic one, mounted in the engine compartment. Much easier to get to (not too bad on the heat exchanger but the oil cooler is a real pain), will be easy to replace when that happens, and a fraction of the cost of the...
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    1989 Beneteau 35s5 Questions

    I have a 1989 Beneteau. Nor sure about hair dryers as they do indeed need a lot of amperage, but for tvs, laptops, power tools, battery chargers, cell phone chargers, etc, the existing A/C wiring will be fine. On mine at least, the gauge of the A/C system is about double of what is recommended...
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    Replacing the interior Vinyl hull liner in a 90's Oceanis

    I've done it in my V-Berth and the aft head, where the problems were the worst. I first got rid of the residue with soap and brass wool, then gave it a light sanding with a 60 grit belt sander. I then painted with TotalBoat topside wetedge paint (used primer first) with good results. In...
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    Folding-feathering prop for First 36s7

    I went from 3 blade fixed to 3 blade Kiwiprop (which I'm still really impressed by). Gained quite a bit under sail, about the same under motor forward, better handling and less propwalk in reverse.
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    1992 Beneteau Oceanis 370

    Looks a lot like the 2003T that I have on my Oceanis 390 (also labeled 27hp) with a retrofit raw water pump (the silver looking part bottom right) and a retrofit piping of the raw water. The heat exchanger and oil cooler for those engines are almost not available and very expensive (eg $1500)...
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    373 - LED navigation bulbs

    Just replaced my light at the masthead with an OGM one (Orca Green Marine). Seems great - lets hope it lasts as long as I'm expecting.
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    Dutchman system or Lazy Jacks?

    I have the Dutchman on a 38" boat. On the mainsail that came with the boat, the system was working quite well even before exchanging the old guide lines with mono-filament ones. The Dutchman manufacturer recommended that I have the disks installed by a sail maker on the replacement mainsail...
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    Will I be a Dutchman or not?

    I have mixed results with the Dutchman system. I have two main sails with different reefs. One of them works great, no problems with jams, reefing, etc. On the other one, the sail maker put the holes for the control lines too far aft. The bulk of the sail falls off the boom, on the second reef...
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    Folding Prop for Oc 351

    Love my kiwi prop. Did not lose any boat speed under motor and gained between 0.5 and 1 knots when sailing in light winds. No vibration when leaving engine in neutral is nice as well. The composite blades have held up great and knowing that I can replace a blade at a time if it should get dinged...
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    Electric potties

    I have a Vacu-flush that I'm happy with - guests clearly prefer it. It's served me well for over a decade - energy use was never a concern.
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    How to seal fibreglass deck after cleaning?

    I have mixed feeling about Penetrol. I used it in a small area with great results (aside from a very slight yellowing). I then thoroughly washed the deck, getting it very clean and applied Penetrol after letting it dry for about 6 hours in the summer heat. This was not long enough, the Pentrol...
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    need a charger and monitor

    I have a Xantrex Link battery monitor, which I have found very useful (a search will find plenty of links). Aside from voltage, it shows drain/charging state. It works great to show the output of the solar panel/wind generator/alternator/shore power charger as well as a tool to see what is...
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    Prop or head sail?

    I've done both in a similar situation. I got the Kiwi feathering prop, which added about 1 knot of boat speed in light to medium winds. The boat backs better and the easily replaced composite blades add an unexpected ease of mind factor. I got very used to it and would miss it greatly. I also...
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    New 390 Owner

    I've had a 390 for 9 years now and put quite a few miles on her. Mine had blisters, be sure to watch for these. The surveyor should be able to spot them easily. Also, I had to re-bed the large overhead ports, not a fun job but I did eventually find the right tools. I have repaired, upgraded and...
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    Bottom pox

    Don't ignore it When I purchased my Oceanis 390, there was a small amount of blistering. I negotiated with the seller to drop the price by the amount it would take to fix it - eventually, he agreed. After the haulout at the end of the season, I opened up the blisters that the seller had circled...