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    New Alternator

    Going with aftermarket- thanks to all
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    New Alternator

    Price is for part only. 55 Amp Mounting Hole in bracket is oval so it continues to slip. Are there any main differences between oem and aftermarket
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    Emergency tiller

    Photo of mine
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    New Alternator

    Need a new alternator for my 89 Catalina 30. Boat yard says $640 for o.e.m./$395 for aftermarket Right now I have the original 2 battery set-up and probably will for a few more years. I'm happy with my Marina and I'm waiting for their suggestions- Is there any reason to put the o.e.m in rather...
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    Glow Plugs

    My new to me 89 Catalina 30 with m25xp has been starting with no problem. I engage the glow plugs for about 20-25 seconds then start. I have been reading post that say engaging the plugs too long can burn them out. I'm interested on how everyone else starts up. (Right now I have 2 identical deep...
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    Alternator Belt Tension

    Thanks for the responses Engine= M25xp Napa XL belt The dust problem seems to have been the rust (at least so far) Will read up and keep checking belt
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    Alternator Belt Tension

    I had dust from the alternator belt all over engine. Read the post here and removed light rust from pulleys installed new belt and so far (2 trips) no dust. The belt has needed to be tightened after each run.Used engine about 1-1/2hrs each trip. Is it normal for the belt to stretch the first...
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    Suggestions for navigation software for Ipad

    What case do you use? Do you have it mounted in the cockpit?
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    Suggestions for navigation software for Ipad

    Looking for suggestions on software for an Ipad to be used in Northeast currently and possibly on the intracoastal to Florida in the future. Also for any waterproof cases you use with an Ipad Thanks for any info
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    Wiring harness

    Last stupid question (this morning) Is this where everyone's engine wiring harness is situated. It seems like it's very susceptible to water?
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    Tape Glue Residue

    We did some work on our wood this spring and now have glue from tape left over in some spots. Looking for suggestions on how to remove it without harming fiberglass or new cetol on wood. Also looking to remove the look on the Admirals face which clearly states "idiot"
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    AC/DC meter

    I am a new owner of a 89 Catalina 30 I am going to try my hand at some rewiring. I took the first step and bought a new fire extinguisher. Now looking for suggestions on a meter Saw this one suggested?? Thanks
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    Leaking Quadrant cover

    Boat on the hard
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    Leaking Quadrant cover

    Just had the same problem. My drain was on the starboard side of the engine exhaust. Not sure if it was the best way but I took a household snake and inserted it up into the drain from the outside. It cleared it for now.
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    Replacing Stanchion Vent

    As a temporary fix could the vent hole in the stantion be drilled out larger?