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    Hurricane Dorian <-- TS<--TD 5 <-- Invest 99L

    most latest models put it VERY close to me as a cat 3. Doing all I can to prep but who knows
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    When to Cast Off

    I have left Maine after Labor Day twice and hopped on down to Annapolis for the sail show in early Oct. Four other times leaving from Newport RI via Long Isl Sound just after Labor Day to make Annapolis for the show. After the show, I headed south. Go too soon and you risk having to hide from...
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    Rode Courtesy

    I disagree on not power setting the anchor. Around Cuttyhunk, Ma I anchored in 8' low tide and started to gently power set. I was holding fast, not moving at all until we went full throttle. Suddenly we broke free and I found out why...a huge clump of weeds on the anchor. Deeper water had no...
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    Anchoring on Short Scope?

    I used to follow Beth and Evens who were 'high latitude' sailors. They spent a lot of time in the Beagle channel down near Tiera Del Fuego where anchoring in 100' is common with williwaw's unexpectedly crashing down on them at 70 knots. They found that in deep water, 3:1 worked fine.
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    Deck Wash-How To? PEX OK for below waterline attaching to a thru hull? Also, I made my washdown hose long enough to reach the back of the boat. I only use about 5 feet for the anchor but occasionally it is nice to wash other parts of the boat, especially if you are in fresh water.
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    Risky venture - Bridges and Hunter 41 down the ICW ?

    I have a 63.5 air draft with whip above that. I have run that stretch about 12 times and not once tickled steel with my whip, including the 64' Wilkerson bridge and the Pungo Ferry bridge. Even if my draft is lower because of extra weight, my whip should still be 64'.
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    Which outboard engine for your dinghy? We are shopping!

    Clarification...2 stroke motors are NOT banned. The manufacturers have to meet pollution standards to sell in the USA. Evinrude makes a full line of E-Tek 2 stroke outboards that are cleaner burning than any 4 stroke. Unfortunately, they don't make them in low HP.
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    Which outboard engine for your dinghy? We are shopping!

    Just read your other post. With the loads you are talking, a 10' with 15hp 2 stroke should be enough. A hard bottom will help plane off as will a fin on the motor skeg. You definitely want to plane because in the Bahamas you want the ability to run several miles at least. I find mixing oil to be...
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    Which outboard engine for your dinghy? We are shopping!

    Bahamas...can you wait till you get there? I bought my Yamaha 15hp 2 stroke there. There is one dealer in all the Bahamas with offices in Marsh Harbor, Nassau and George Town. You will probably have to order ahead of time and put down a CC deposit, they are often back ordered. I was VERY nervous...
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    Retirement "What If"

    Producing part time while cruising full time...
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    Sailors in Florida Registration Question

    Dinghy with motor. Not 2 registrations.
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    I “discovered” a new sealant - polyether

    Since both 3m 4000 and the loctite are both polyether, will they both harden in the tube a few days after opening? I have had excellent results keeping opened tubes of 4000 and 5200 in the freezer for extended periods. I always use a fresh tube below waterline but older opened tubes of the 4000...
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    Boiling Batteries

    An alternate possibility is that some lead broke off one plate and joined that plate to an adjoining plate causing a runaway. I had that happen with one of my Trojan T-1275s. That battery was at 150d while the other batteries were at 90d. If you had boiling of all the batteries then probably the...
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    Ocean City MD, Chincoteague, Assateague

    Atl Hilands has several places to anchor and if it's stormy you can anchor or take a mooring behind the breakwall. Atl City has an anchorage to the north of the inlet. Tight entrance but great protection. Anchoring near CG station can get sporty and holding is iffy. Barnegat inlet is pretty...