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    portable generators

    I use solar power to make up my loss. Check your batteries and also your alternator output.
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    H376 Jabsco to Raritan Sea era change

    I also replaced the Jabsco with a Raritan toilet great change had a little trouble with the 1 1/2 hose connection but after that went smooth, I ordered the smart control and love the change. The Wife is thrilled. And yes the household size and a dedicated fuse works great.
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    How to get dog get into main cabin

    Lab We have a 80LBS Black Lab and she goes down like a train wreck but she makes it. It took her a while to perfect the start putting one paw foward worked for us. Good Luck:neutral:
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    I need a tutorial video on how to use a symetrical spinnaker

    Re: I need a tutorial video on how to use a symetrical spinn Check out websit they have a very good video for the spinnaker. Good Luck Gary
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    96' 376 Side window cracked

    I also have warped areas on both sides of the large side windows but no cracks. I have a 97, 376. I would like to have pics on the repair work Gary
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    10 Micron or 30 Micron Fuel Filter?

    Remember it does not take much to clog a fuel injector the better filter the more insurance you have for a good running engine. You may have to change the filter more often but you will not have to pay for cleaning injectors. Good luck Gary
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    Veterans of America in our club

    Ahoy All U.S. Navy 68-72 (Machinery Repairman First class)I was on 5 Ships. Spent most of my time in Vietnam waters. Transferred to Reserve and spent 24 years total. Traveled all over in supporting our mission. (Retired.) A solute to all Veterans and Active Duty Military Members. Gary...
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    Hunter 410 Windlass Slowdown

    Also all the corrosion will cause resistance and overheat the motor, Check the battery for a load drop when the windless is in operation this may be a weak cell in the battery. Good Luck Gary
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    Spinnaker size for heavy air

    Markwbird Check out this website this is the best Spinnaker for strong downwind sailing and gusts. Good luck Gary
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    Name says it all!

    Welcome aboard I use twenty mule team borax on mold and it is true the mold will not return. Have fun I purchased a repo and have been enjoying working on it. The more you learn about your boat the better you are overcoming problems Good Luck Gary
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    Storing bedding/towels etc on boat?

    I have one cabinet that has a heat stick mounted inside that we store all our things that we want to keep dry and moisture free.
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    What just happened??

    Just remember changing to one new injector will have a better spray pattern than a worn injector. It's better to change all injectors at one time to equalize your engine. Also make sure that new injectors are for your application. check all injectors would solve the problem. Good Luck Gar
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    refrigeration help

    I would check with this website there is a bunch of info Good Luck Gary
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    Old diesel fuel

    I had my fuel tank sitting for a couple of years. So I had the fuel polished and it works fine no water or algae. Get the fuel polished or set up a way to polish it with your own system. Cheers Gary
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    The admiral says size does matter...

    We had a Hunter 31FT and the wife did not like the galley and the aft birth. We went looking for a bigger boat and set foot on a Hunter 376 and she fell in love with the boat that was the stories end, and I also like the way it handles and the extra room. So just GO FOR IT you will enjoy the...