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    Garmin chart plotter shows intermittent location

    Here's an update. The Usglobalsat units are all 5 volt according to their product support - which makes them considerably less attractive. I can get the Garmin 19X HVS attenna for $144 Canadian which is about $110 US - one of those cases where an item is cheaper in Canada than the US. I like the...
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    Garmin chart plotter shows intermittent location

    Strider's chart plotter (Garmin 3205) has been screwing up lately. The GPS location is intermittent and getting worse. On our recent cruise to Passamaquoddy Bay we relied a lot on our backup systems. Garmin support helped us troubleshoot and guessed that we need a new antenna. Our current...
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    New to me Endeavor 32 - need cradle dimensions

    Greetings Endeavour 32 sailors: I am the new owner of an Endeavour 32 that I acquired without a cradle. It would be wonderful if Endeavour 32 owners on this forum with cradles that fit their boat well could provide me with some measurements of their cradle. I bought a cradle for this boat...
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    Downeast Dreaming

    Hi Roger, As one of the usual suspects I am at Cutler last night and tonight and likely heading for Roque tomorrow. Nice local hike today. Looking forward to possibly seeing you folks in September.
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    Channel Fever

    Here are some pictorial highlights of my voyage with Roger from Cuttyhunk to Boston. In order: Elizabeth Islands scene Edgartown harbor Boats in Edgartown Hadley Harbor Hadley Harbor boat Roger at World's End (Boston) Boston harbor - Work boat, sail boat, downtown
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    Channel Fever

    First - Sorry Maine Sail for my username - if I were joining today I would pick something different and thank you so much for what you contribute to this forum and to my knowledge. Roger - what a great experience spending a few days cruising with you. I had a good time and learned a lot -...
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    Engine woes ... Yanmar 1GM

    More ideas Hi Scott, Twice I've had problems like that. First time it was old impeller pieces that had been lodged in a benign place that moved to a smaller gap downstream and partially plugged the system. Delayed problems from a prior owner's negligence. In the other case I replaced my...
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    Do You Carry A "Jump Start" Battery?

    Jump Starter? Yes Here's what you need: It cost $126 with free shipping when I got it. It starts my 3.4 litre diesel Land Cruiser in the winter so there is certainly no...
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    Prime Suspect

    Blowby Hi Roger, Here is an optimistic way to look at it that might be easy to test: Oil has been forced out your rear main seal by high crankcase pressure but maybe the seal itself is not damaged. On my engine, and perhaps on yours originally, crankcase ventilation consists of a hose from the...
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    Hi Roger, Rear main seal - that's not so bad. When I've removed my engine while cruising its taken half a day to remove and two days to reinstall. That would vary depending access and tools and I don't know your boat. Reinstalling always takes longer than you expect due engine realignment and...
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    The End of the Voyage

    Maybe not as bad as it seems Roger, sorry to hear your bad news. I may well have told you my engine failure stories when our paths crossed in the past - but they are likely more interesting now. In Maine the frost plug behind the flywheel failed and seawater was suddenly streaming out the...
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    Chartplotter Opinions / Advice

    Re: Great comments - any more info ? What about the C-Map M-NA-M026.07 at $199 list for Standard Horizon etc
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    Chartplotter Opinions / Advice

    We bought CP 180i last spring and have liked it so far. After a cruise down to Maine and over to Nova Scotia over the next few weeks I'll have an opinion based on more experience. We bought it because it is very inexpensive, 5 inch screen instead of the Garmin 4 inch entry level unit. Garmin's...
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    Hope to experience Vancouver from the water

    My job is sending me to the Vancouver, BC area soon for a week of training. I’m expecting to have some evenings and possibly late afternoons free. I wonder if any forum members in the area would enjoy taking me out for a sail while I am there between Feb 26 to March 8. There is nothing quite...
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    Chartplotter Replacement

    We will be buying a chart plotter before the coming season when we will be cruising Maine and Nova Scotia. Cost is an issue. We are looking at either a Standard Horizon 180(i) @$385 or a Garmin 440 @$449. The Garmin has a $60 external attenna that we can later if needed. The 180 comes with...