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    Yanmar 3GM30F tough starting (runs well)

    I had the same problem with our Cat 320 with a 3GM30F. I did everything you did. The problem turned out to be the batteries needed to be topped off. Putting the switch on both did not help. After it started it ran great, it would start easy the rest of the day. That engine has very high...
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    Bird poop

    I found CD's worked well. My wife's Country Western CD's worked best.
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    Mast wiring slap

    I had an 86 Catalina 27 the conduit came loose from the mast. I could hear it flopping back an forth in the mast. I took the mast down and cut a piece of 2x4 the shape of the inside of the mast with a cutout for the conduit. I screwed it to a long 2x4 and pushed it up the inside the mast. It...
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    1977 C30 dismasted

    There is a Catalina 30 standard rig 1984 or 85 at Green Point Landing in Maryland bring parted out.
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    Door problem

    I have been looking at Catalina 320s. In one boat none of the doors close properly. The head door closes but is loose the front cabin doors won't close.The aft cabin door won't close. The boat is in the water. There is no apparent damage to the boat. What would cause this problem?
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    Changning Mast Head Sheave

    I replaced mine with ball bearing sheaves from Catalina Direct. I lifted the halyard out and used a tie to hold it out of the way. Than I got about a foot of #6 AL ground wire. I formed it around the sheave in the mast head,pulled the pin and lifted it out. I formed the wire around the new...
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    Battery wiring on 1989 Catalina 27

    I have a 1986 cat 27. In addition to how you hooked up your batteries my boat also has a jumper that ties the battery negative posts together. This jumper is the same guage as the red cables. It is a black cable.
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    Elk River Ice

    Here is the latest from Worton Creek.
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    Loose Prop?

    The prop could be fouled.
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    New cutless bearing installation hiccup

    I changed the cutlless bearing on my c27 last spring. I used a Morse blackfish that is is 1x1 1/4 x4. I screwed up the first one, it got tight and the end mushroomed. So I removed that one and sanded with real fine paper and polished the inside of the strud. I lubed the bearing with soap and...