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    c-22 gas mileage

    Something doesn't sound right I had a C250 with a 9.9 HP Tohatsu outboard. It only used about 1/3 gallon of gas an hour while driving the boat at 5 kts ( probably 1/2 throttle) Trying to drive it at 7 kts would probably need the outboard wound full out - and using much more gas but over a...
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    Mainsail only sailing

    Above 20 kts wind The C 250 we used to sail nice, flat and easy with a double reefed main and no jib in gusty winds over 20 kts.
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    Furling Jib Problem

    If you have the Hood loop line furler If you have the continuous line Hood furler (one big loop) there is an upgrade available to change it to single line