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    Pedestal wiring

    Different boat, but the problem with bringing new wiring up to that pod is similar to any boat. One our boat we have the AP drive wire led up thru one leg of the guard and the plotter/radar wiring thru the other side. Both required drilling and chamfering an exit hole near the devices and then...
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    Boat swap - C22 and J24

    NOT trying to single out the OP..... but this narrative points up the risk anytime anyone shops in the bottom end of the boat market. Fixing up (or junking out) an old boat is more than money lost -- it's your Time Lost. When in (any) doubt, get a survey. The cheaper the price, the more you need...
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    New Forums: Questions, Suggestions, Comments

    Yesterday a thread refused to accept a reply. Today another one did so. And, what is a "reaction score"?? (There was some sort of number associated with a member site name, and it is gone now...)
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    How much is my Dinghy worth?

    Probably depends a lot on geography, but around here a good looking little boat will sell for $100. to 400. with good oars. Appearance is really important. While there are a few brands that have value based on their name (like a Ranger Minto), most are judged by looks, length, and weight. I...
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    Hunter 310 swings at anchor non-stop, is this normal?

    If your boat sails back and forth at anchor, something is acting on the boat - wind or current. Or both. If neither, then it just sits there with a slack anchor rode. We have been using an 'anchor sail' attached to boom and backstay. Works perfectly, i.e. like the fletching on an arrow. Most...
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    Propane system re-design

    The flexible hose rated for propane is a composite and is a lot more than just "rubber." Look for the certification printed on the hose. Any good hose shop will have it and can explain it. While having pressed-on ends can speed up the install, be Real Sure you know the exact length of each...
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    34' O'Day Engine RPM at WOT

    I cannot imagine that boat not motoring at 6 kts in smooth water with a clean bottom. More like 6.5. It might be "over propped" i.e. has too much pitch. As for drag, yup, you will lose a half to 3/4 knot under sail with a 3-blade. In the last 25 years we have used a two blade fixed, two blade...
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    I done messed up, holding tank overflow. Rear cabin smells like a Coldplay album. Help?

    Given that the aft cabin sole is shot and also stinky.... remove it and be done. Then you can access the hidden areas for a proper cleanup. If you're skint, temporarily replace it with a fitted piece of half inch plywood, painted both sides to seal it. As pointed out, you have Got to get to the...
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    Beta 35 starting problem

    Takes a rev or three to light off. i.e. almost instantly. Actually our prior Universal wast not doing too badly in spite of some hours and wear -- normally would fire after about 10 seconds of glow plug. Good engine for its era.
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    Beta 35 starting problem

    Strictly to make bleeding easier when changing filters, I located out Facet electric lift pump right after our Racor filer. This then pushes the fuel onwards to the engine-mounted fuel filter and then to the hi pressure pump. Our Beta 25 does have a mechanical lift pump, as well. New install...
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    Supercapacitor starters & “batteries”

    Takes five to possibly even ten seconds of starter motor time sometimes to start a cold diesel. Then there is the high current for 10 to 20 seconds for glow plugs first. This device would have to control the "release" of a lot of amps. The principle reminds me of the flash attachment for a...
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    The case of the Zombie Chicken...

    That's like something out of Futurama!! :)
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    How are Sabres higher quality?

    Another perspective: the "build" may be eclipsed by the equipping any given boat for the purpose. Example: my O-34 has a basic displacement of 10600#, and loaded down for a Pacific crossing would be more. And probably be a little slower. Further, for continuous time at sea you have to factor in...
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    How are Sabres higher quality?

    To many or most of the posters, "quality" is kind of subjective. And that's normal. To clarify on my view, I have owned my boat since 1994, and done a lot of upgrades and additions. Every time I get into the "hidden" parts of it I am presented with construction methods that are mean't for the...
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    How are Sabres higher quality?

    Lots of helpful information so far, and a good 'mantra' might be: 'Specs are NOT related to Scantlings". A lot more ($$$) labor and materials go into the high-end boats, and an uninformed buyer will not see that work by a casual walk thru. Uninformed buyers do not want to pay for what they...