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    Prop Size?

    More power? Thanks Dave. Will that give me the power and speed better then my standard? That 13" dia., 10 pitch 2 blade. 13" will fit Catalina 27? Would any 3 blade do??? thx eric
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    Prop Size?

    Question. I have a 1984 Cat. 27. Universal M-18 Diesel. What would be a good prop size if I want more speed and power? Max size? I have the standard know, 2 blade. Not sure what pitch and dia.. But came with the boat. I cruise alot. Lot of currents in our area, Puget Sound , Washington. thx...
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    Boat Specs?

    I just bought a 84 Cat. 27. Where can i get the specs on it? I have of course, the Serial no. Who can i contact for info on my boat? thanks Eric