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    Determining KM35A marine gear oil level.

    Another heads-up: transmission takes very little oil (usually, well under 0.5 l (my ZF50 uses 0.35 l in total)), so be careful when you top up. I suggest a syringe.
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    Update on the water heater...

    i don't think you need to put AF into the water heater. Use the bypass (two valve solution). Drain it and then, if you want to make sure nothing is left there, blow the water remnants out. Last fall, I found that in order to drain it completely (and quickly) I had to "open" one of the feed...
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    Some small-boat cruising commandments

    maybe when they go sailing (;-). This is a UHT milk that a reasonable "European" (whatever this means) would not drink at all. It is quite ok for adding to coffee, but not as milk milk. Some countries had it even banned for a while. It is great for when you don't have refrigeration (sailing...
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    What's the BIGGEST Selling Point When Shopping for A New/Used Boat?

    I think the former. The one with newer electronics might sell faster, but it would not catch much higher price. The same applies to most of the equipment (furler, sails, upgraded winches). Potentially, if there are many similar boats around, you may see the price difference.
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    Need in-hull depth finder — recommendations?

    Arimar makes most of the transducers and the one that you want for in-hull installation is P79. However, the way how the transducer is connected to you display unit depends on the vendor, so not all of them are easily changeable. Many people installed a "normal" through-hull transducers inside...
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    1987 C36 - Auto Pilot recommendations

    About 3 half days to install EV100. But i had it all pre-planed ahead of the time. Especially, the cables (measure how long SeatalkNG cables you need). There is a Garmin to SeatalkNG cable available (I think it is part# A06045, DeviceNet female to SeatalkNG spur, 0.4 m) and once you make the...
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    Electric harbors are coming.

    Not even close. The diesel could drive them at 20 kt. or better; the electric motor at 6 kt. or less. This is why the submarine snorkel was invented.
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    New Forums: Questions, Suggestions, Comments

    an odd issue - when i press on "mark thread read", it does it (with a message), but it opens the thread (topic) anyway. sorry, apparently an old issue. I should have read all posts before posting myself.
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    New forum preview (website version)

    Is there a place where one could try using it? A different URL? a different port?
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    Rudder limit

    This might be way too late, but just in case you are still looking for answers... The EV-100 has changed the settings, so the ST4000 or even earlier versions of EV-100 solutions don't necessarily apply. The first question is if you have the rudder reference installed. I assume you don't (it is...
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    Pearson 28-2 water heater

    Similarly to @ToddS , I installed the Isotemp SPA 15 (15 l/~4 gal) as a replacement of the original 6 gal (rectangular one, Kuuma??). I intentionally used a smaller heater to gain a bit of space around it. I installed it a year ago in the spring, so 1.5 seasons ago. It works well, keeps the...
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    Pearson 28-2 water heater

    The SPA model (Isotherm ( is less expensive, but i think it is a bit bigger. Very good quality, though.
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    Masthead Light

    I don't think it is illegal, but it would be confusing, as it would mean something else. And you would need to have the anchor light, anyway (that is legally required). The simple answer is yes. The new lights are designed to work with the LED "bulb", so that would work better.
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    Drilling the pedestal guard

    The best way to drill the holes in the binnacle is... not to drill them at all. Rather, cut them using a Dremel and a cut wheel. If you need to run a cable with an end plug on it, the chances are good that you need to elongate the hole. Make the cut like this: \_/ (when looking from the side)...
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    BWI laws

    IIRC, in Canada (it might differ from province to province, though), the boat is considered a "vehicle" if it is under way, but if it is anchored or moored, it is considered (like the RV) as a "dwelling". So you can drink alcohol and have open bottles etc. But in order to qualify as a dwelling...