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    Electric harbors are coming.

    Not even close. The diesel could drive them at 20 kt. or better; the electric motor at 6 kt. or less. This is why the submarine snorkel was invented.
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    New Forums: Questions, Suggestions, Comments

    an odd issue - when i press on "mark thread read", it does it (with a message), but it opens the thread (topic) anyway. sorry, apparently an old issue. I should have read all posts before posting myself.
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    New forum preview (website version)

    Is there a place where one could try using it? A different URL? a different port?
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    Rudder limit

    This might be way too late, but just in case you are still looking for answers... The EV-100 has changed the settings, so the ST4000 or even earlier versions of EV-100 solutions don't necessarily apply. The first question is if you have the rudder reference installed. I assume you don't (it is...
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    Pearson 28-2 water heater

    Similarly to @ToddS , I installed the Isotemp SPA 15 (15 l/~4 gal) as a replacement of the original 6 gal (rectangular one, Kuuma??). I intentionally used a smaller heater to gain a bit of space around it. I installed it a year ago in the spring, so 1.5 seasons ago. It works well, keeps the...
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    Pearson 28-2 water heater

    The SPA model (Isotherm ( is less expensive, but i think it is a bit bigger. Very good quality, though.
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    Masthead Light

    I don't think it is illegal, but it would be confusing, as it would mean something else. And you would need to have the anchor light, anyway (that is legally required). The simple answer is yes. The new lights are designed to work with the LED "bulb", so that would work better.
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    Drilling the pedestal guard

    The best way to drill the holes in the binnacle is... not to drill them at all. Rather, cut them using a Dremel and a cut wheel. If you need to run a cable with an end plug on it, the chances are good that you need to elongate the hole. Make the cut like this: \_/ (when looking from the side)...
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    BWI laws

    IIRC, in Canada (it might differ from province to province, though), the boat is considered a "vehicle" if it is under way, but if it is anchored or moored, it is considered (like the RV) as a "dwelling". So you can drink alcohol and have open bottles etc. But in order to qualify as a dwelling...
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    Window Replacement

    The tape holds on to the same gelcoat as the glue does, so if the glue works, the tape would to.
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    Window Replacement

    I know of some people using the VHB (Very High Bonding?) tape to attach windows. It bonds immediately.
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    going aloft without a helper

    A simple climbing gear (three ascenders and a harness) and you can do it on your own. But keep in mind that safety is the paramount issue here. Never use a single rope; never use shackles to attach to the rope; use only knots that you know are safe. You would need two ascenders to climb (foot...
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    Cooler drain

    or look for a foot pump
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    advice: suggestions for attaching furler to bow eye.

    If nothing else works, you can use your main halyard to keep the mast from falling forward and detach the backstay completely. usually, the forestay with furler is more difficult to connect. Once your forestay is attached, you can pull the top of the mast backwards with the halyard (use a...
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    Do you - Accidental Gybe?

    An interesting report is available from Maritime NZ ( It describes consequences of an unintended gybe (under an autopilot that failed). Platino was a 60ft boat, so the forces were substantial. In my view, two...