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    H-34 Head Vent

    Of the 2 vents you see on the hull near the head, one is the head vent and the other one is the shower sump outlet. So you could try and see where it goes, you will not do any damage. Just don't blast, insert the hose nozzle and skirt water in. If you get water in the shower sump, the pump will...
  2. Claude L.-Auger

    merriman pedestal compass base

    Then you can possibly repair it with fiberglass as posted before or do like Don did if he was kind enough to post a picture. I don't believe you can find a new one unless one from Edson can be adapted (which I doubt).
  3. Claude L.-Auger

    merriman pedestal compass base

    If you're talking about the round plastic looking piece that sits above the part where the controls are, you can take it off and repair if with thin layers of fiberglass. I do not think it can be found unless lucky with salvage parts dealers.
  4. Claude L.-Auger

    Yanmar power loss

    How do you know you have antifreeze in the oil ? Brown bubbles or brown residue (sometimes crusty) above oil level on dipstick could be an indication. Or a chocolate milk color. Before overhauling, I would check torque on head and manifold. then change oil, filter and water separator. After...
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    Old Bluechart g2

    They were called Bluechart. Local dealer called it micro g2. No SD about it ! Simply called Bluechart g2. And even though he is a Garmin dealer, he has no solution to upload this obsolete material.I upload again pictures of it tto make it easier to identify. Perhaps I'll get lucky and someone...
  6. Claude L.-Auger

    Old Bluechart g2

    Thanks Capta and Joker. I have seen those and am trying to find out from the seller if it will fit my plotter. I suspect it's the newer style that uses micro sd/hd card which is different than the old g2. If seller could send a picture or post it I would know for sure.
  7. Claude L.-Auger

    Old Bluechart g2

    Too bad it's not this year as we could buddy boat for the crossing to Newfoundland. Over the years I've sailed down the St.Lawrence several times, going to Cape Breton, Magdalen Islands, PEI, and Labrador, but never to Newfoundland. Boat will be splashed on June 14th. I have to unstep the mast...
  8. Claude L.-Auger

    Old Bluechart g2

    Hi all, I'm about to undertake a long summer cruise that will take me from Montreal down the St.Lawrence river towards the Maritimes area, and Newfoundland and St.Pierre & Miquelon. I do have Navionics in my tablet but cannot seem to locate the needed charts for my old Garmin 498 chartplotter...
  9. Claude L.-Auger

    Hot water tank relief valve

    Yes it would be a bit of work because not a lot of room and a valve that's been there for ages. Glad the problem is solved.
  10. Claude L.-Auger

    Radar mounting dilemma

    Many boats I've sailed on had the pole mounted vertical, behind the railing, same place as yours, and held straight with 2 arms. There was no problems with either mast or angle
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    Hot water tank relief valve

    First you should be able to leave the water pressure on without any hot water losses ! Do I understand correctly that the pressure relief valve lets hot water in the bilge ? And that it happens regardless of how you heat the water ? Seems impossible for each of the 3 systems to create such...
  12. Claude L.-Auger

    Farewell friends

    My condolences to you and your family Mike. The poem by Henry Van Dyke was a beautiful tribute. ''The Unknown Shore by Elizabeth Clark Hardy is another one that befits moments like those sad ones that you are going through. Here it is thinking of you and wishing you well under those sad...
  13. Claude L.-Auger

    Prop Stuck on Shaft

    Ditto Maine sail and uncledom but will add that you should put a nut back on the prop before putting a lot of pressure on the prop puller and heating and tapping lightly on the side once heated and under pressure. When it finally releases it will be under a tremendous amount of force and will...
  14. Claude L.-Auger

    Looking for diagram of automatic bilge pump witness light.

    I am in the process of replacing all 12V breaker witness lights of the elctrical panel of my Hunter 34. Middle row, bottom light is marked auto bilge pump. Never seen it work in 20 years yet I know the pump has started automatically several times during the course of all these years ! When I...
  15. Claude L.-Auger

    Shift lever

    One of mine looked like that ! I took the shaft off and took it to a welding shop that was able to rebuild the end to make it look like the other one. (I brought the other to show them). Then took both to a motorcycle chrome shop who rechromed them. That was several years ago and they still...