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    Beneteau 45 Code 0 vs Spinnaker

    Check out Doyle's UPS spinnaker. It's a furling all purpose spinnaker. I use it from 75 degrees apparent to deep downwind. Couldn't be easier to deploy, and I use it frequently sailing singlehanded on my Catalina 320. Going wing-on-wing gives me a much deeper downwind angle. I also have an...
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    Another adjustment question, re: split backstay.

    Using a triangle plate with three blocks on the split backstay, with a cascade line running down to a 4:1 or 6:1 system would work well, but the blocks/triangle plate would be way up high. Do you think that would be a problem? Bill
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    135 vs 155 genoa

    Shopping for a new headsail. Is there really much advantage to a 155 over a 135 on a 310? Sailing on Cayuga Lake (NY finger lake), lots of tacking, very variable winds. Yesterday, 18-26 with killer puffs. Heavy air in spring and fall, but lots of light air days in the summer. What's your...