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    looking for Barlow 16 chrome winch

    thanks for all of the input. I located two that filled the bill on ebay.
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    Loads on an adjustable backstay

    Excellent point about the 2:1 purchase with the V. I am planning on using the kit, but as I said I am always digging for more info than needed for a project. I guess I still would like anyone to chime in with the load numbers at different wind speeds that a 22 experiences. Cheers to all of...
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    Loads on an adjustable backstay

    forgot to mention, that the weakest point that I can estimate right now is the 10' wire. if it is 1/8 x 7 x 7 stainless, Suncor shows a WL of only 272# which seems light to me.
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    Loads on an adjustable backstay

    Hello All, As one of my upgrades this winter, I am adding an adjustable backstay. It is the 6 part tackle type. I have most of the blocks/hardware purchased. I also purchased a backstay replacement kit from another owner that was new, but never installed. D2160. I have never paid much...
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    looking for Barlow 16 chrome winch

    I am trying to locate a mate for the winch shown below.
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    looking for Barlow 16 winch

    I am trying to find a matching winch for the Barlow 16 shown below. please contact me if you have any leads. thanks in advance.
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    Assortment of cheap fixes on Cat 22

    As part of rebuilding my windows, I found this material to replace the inner square rubber liners. They fit snug into the channels with no adhesive.
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    Soft, wet bilge, but I just want to sail...

    here are photos of the affected areas. what you see is the filler used that was put onto the fiberglass bottom of the boat. the rotted mdf was placed on top of the filler. that stickup was then encased in more fiberglass. the bottom most photo shows a piece of the rotted mdf, next to a piece of...
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    Soft, wet bilge, but I just want to sail...

    I just spent a good part of the evening removing rotted wood coring in the bilge area of my 77 Catalina 22. I started on the port side next to the volcano. underneath the fiberglass was about 1/8 to 1/4 inch of black rotted wet plywood. I then removed a section underneath the table. Under the...
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    Restoration of 1981 C-22 swing keel #10580

    Re: Keel Off Congratulations on getting your keel off. I faired my keel two seasons ago. If you do a search by user (ancbob), you may find some helpful info/pics. For old compound removal, I purchased a cheap 4-1/2" angle grinder from harbor freight. It did a great job removing the old bedding...
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    My 1st (project) boat

    try catalina direct pn D1150
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    It's Time to Learn to Sail

    I would suggest finding an adult learn to sail class close to you. I did this about 7 years ago when I took up sailing, and it was totally worthwhile. In my location, Michigan, most of the local yacht clubs offer classes for a reasonable cost. The skills you will learn would apply to any size boat.
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    mainsail outhaul tension

    FYI, my cleat is set 47 inches from aft, on the bottom side of the boom,per cd recommendations. I just need to try it out and see if this is a good location.
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    mainsail outhaul tension

    Thanks to all for your input. I installed an external out haul kit from cd today. Hopefully be trying it out over the next couple of days. I will post some pics of the out haul and resulting sail shapes as soon as possible.