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    universal m25 water pump part number

    does anyone have the kabota part number for the water pump
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    Catalina 30 rudder upgrade

    Bittersweet is a 85. I just did some searching for upgraded rudder' s. I read that increasing front of post 15 percent helped lighten the steering but more affected the backing. I used the 2 part foam they sell at home Depot for setting posts. It worked well. Easy to shape. I had a guy...
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    inhauler vs inboard genoa tracks

    I don't have any wind speed instruments. So I'm not sure. Im relatively new to sailing.
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    Catalina 30 rudder upgrade

    I thought Id share my rudder rebuild. it's been the best upgrade I've done so far. Boat handles so much better. I add 3 inches to the top front and 4inchs to the bottom. Trimmed about 1 1/2 off the back tapered up to the middle. I was told to make it look like a orca fin.
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    inhauler vs inboard genoa tracks

    I think this would be the answer to my problem in my c30. I race in adgainst 2 hunter 31s in a weekly friendly club race. On a reach or down wind I walk away from them. Pointing it's the other way around. It becomes frustrating to watch them point much better. My question is why would I the...
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    1978 Catalina 30

    I don't see the issue also as long as you were confident in the survey. Especially if it saves you a considerable amount of money. I bought my boat this way. I was a little nervous she would take on water when first launched. But his is already in the water so that shouldn't be an issue.