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  1. clmooring
    New owner 2002 Hunter 356
  2. Mike Crawley
    Mike Crawley
    Just had my offer accepted on a 1993 Hunter 33.5. Hope all goes well with the survey.
  3. daviddp
    O'Day 34 Home port Sodus Bay NY
  4. CaptVR
    Like to find other Mac owners in Florida. Would like to arrange getting with others for sharing mods and putting cruises together.
  5. Big Rog
    Big Rog twistedskipper
    Tw if you could lellme where you got that one I will order one. I bought the windrose new in 1974. Probably should put new one on when I can. Thanks rog
  6. CindyS
    Snowy here in North Idaho ❄
  7. whynotsail
    I have been sailing since I was in my 20's - I am moving back to a smaller boat, now that I am in my 70's
  8. whynotsail
    I bought a skimmar seagull and am looking for places to buy parts I will need to restore this boat. I'll be sailing on the lakes in NW NJ.
  9. just blue
    just blue
    Active sailing in inland / coastal dutch waterways and channel
  10. just blue
    just blue
    Active sailing in inland / coastal dutch waterways and channel
  11. Jay Sawyer
    Jay Sawyer
    1994 Beneteau 210 Classic for sale 11/8/18
  12. jimrichey
    jimrichey Joe the Sailor
    Joe, I have a Venture 222 that I am in the beginning stages of restoring. I am in Georgia also. I would like to "pick your brain" if possible
  13. Will D
    Will D
    Needing to reattach the centerboard down line
  14. John24479
    Location: Northport, NY
  15. Bay Tripper
    Bay Tripper
    Pacing frantically through the week to get to the weekend for an outing on the bay.
  16. Chenega
    Corbin 39
  17. wstockho
    wstockho Russ O
    OK. I must be getting too old. I don't recognize your name. Help me out here.
  18. sullivanxx
    Sailing SF Bay and Chesapeake Bay
  19. weekendrken
    1984 MK-I #3573 trbsfk m-25 Lake Norman NC; formerly Bflo Harbor Lake Erie
  20. fox islander
    fox islander
    Sold my lovely "Sonrisa" (1990 C30), moved to Mexico and currently looking for a C36
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