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  1. Soñadora
  2. TMR808
    I am looking for to install a diesel heater, does any body did it ?, thanks for you help, Richard
  3. TMR808
    I am a new owner of a hunter410 2000
  4. TMR808
    Good day every one
  5. nightowle
    Avatar is the Virginia V historic steamship ferry in Seattle.
  6. Jackdaw
    Florida here we come
  7. mccadamsoday
    mccadamsoday John Tubb
    Hello John. I am Randall McCadams up in West Tennessee (McKenzie) and sail an O'day 222 but looking for a 25. That rough 25 that you mentioned in your May 19 post is it still available? I don't mind projects and want a 25 for the headroom in the galley. My 222 is only 4 feet tall and I want to be able to stand up (5'10"). Thanks for any info, location, price, etc that you might be willing to give...Randall
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    2. John Tubb
      John Tubb
      It is very rough, owner had not sailed it in a very long time and had not left the dock in years. The compression post and bulkheads were roted out at the base, sails were toast and motor was rough. Also no trailer so at the price he is asking is just crazy. Also photos are old and it was pretty bad inside.
      May 30, 2018
    3. John Tubb
      John Tubb
      At 5' 10 you will only have stand up with the hatch open still. I'm 5' 11" but it is better then 4' for sure.

      I'd keep looking unless you can get it for no more then $2000. My 25 is great but I'm in new sails ($1300) and motor ($1600) this year so I'm not selling unless someone really wanted it and then I have to get $5,500.
      May 30, 2018
    4. John Tubb
      John Tubb
      May 30, 2018
  8. disailor
    Boat is now in Penobscot Bay
  9. MikeToronto
    Looking @ NYC and EYC at the moment.
  10. uncledom
    Still floating with a winter cover on.
  11. skibob13
  12. mikehammond
    Sailing takes me away to where I've always heard it could be.. Just a dream and the wind to carry me....
  13. theluckyone17
    Recently acquired a '79 O'Day 19, currently in rehabilitation.
    2 OLD PIRATES MikeToronto
    Hi Mike: Just noticed your signing in to SailBoat Owners Catalina 310. What Yacht Club are you looking at. I'm from Toronto also.

    2 Old Pirates
  15. JohnVTX
    Sold Boat
  16. Phantom154
    Sailing when we can.
  17. Jon Elliott
    Jon Elliott
    New Bimini on our H27. I feel cooler already.
  18. ollie-bout
    ollie-bout Will Gilmore
    Hi Will- Have been busy sailing and not checking my post. I see your from Littleton so I'm sure you know where I am in Vt. We spend most of the summer at the lake so if your ever over our way let me know and maybe the wind gods will be good and we can go for a sail. Lee
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    2. Will Gilmore
      Will Gilmore
      It will happen. Thanks for the gesture. I'm also glad to hear you are having fun in the Keys. One of my favorite places on Earth.
      - Will
      Apr 17, 2018
  19. Kyedmcc
    On the hard.
  20. Pat Hooyman
    Pat Hooyman
    Currently In the Abocos Bahamas