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  1. miamibeachboatbums
  2. allen_kathy
  3. PJFlynn
    How does everyone else get a question answered technically in less than 140 characters?
  4. PJFlynn
    10 attempts to post but keep getting the "less than 140 characters" message and waiting times. How the Heck do I get this to work?
  5. Bartman99
    Just bought a Sirius 21
  6. Mike Wright
    Mike Wright
    Today’s the Day!! Closing on a Hunter 340. Super excited!
  7. reprieve
    Still working on das boot. Soon, baby, soon.
  8. Rodsails
    Rodsails Polymerus
    No problem need your email address to send invoice to seems it doesn't show in a Private message , also found some other additional parts I'm going to toss in Rod
  9. Paulthetuna
    Looking for a for sale by owner 2005,2006 Catalina 350 on the west coast, thanks
  10. Tom Curry
    Tom Curry
    Just closed on the purchase of a Hunter 38. I'll be bringing her up from Jacksonville FL in mid-April to her new home on the Tom's River, NJ
  11. Lake Pepin 321
    Lake Pepin 321
    Does anyone have a picture or diagram for the Beneteau 321 masthead.
  12. timmeehle
    New owner of a 1990 Beneteau Moorings 38
  13. JD20815
    Berthed At Naval Air Station Pensacola
  14. John24479
    Current boat : 2008 Hunter 49
  15. PMcCarty
    New member. New boat 1984 Hunter 31
  16. SawyerCurt
    Apparently, not updating my status since 2016!
  17. Big Chief Whitestack
    Big Chief Whitestack
    New to forum and new to sailing. Bought this girl in October 2017 to cut my teeth on. She's sail-able, but there's PLENTY of work to do.
  18. Mohawk Jack
    Mohawk Jack
    Newbie Alert. Although I have some sea time under my belt, we just bought our first real sailboat; a 1980 Hunter Cherubini design, 30 ft.
  19. Ken sail on
    Ken sail on InlandNW
    I just moved to Spokane this past July and I would love to get together with some other local Catalina 22 owners to see if we could start a fleet, sail, organize a cruse or maybe race.
  20. Robert19896
    "To reach the port of heaven we must sail, sometimes with the wind & sometimes against it, but we must sail & not drift, nor lie at anchor"