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  1. Joel Hutzler
    Joel Hutzler
    H-III has been maintained properly. I intend to retire from sailing because of age.
  3. Cactus Sailor
    Cactus Sailor
    Son of a son of a sailor
  4. Dbnichols
    Learning all about my Oday 240
  5. Captainkarate
    Wondering if anyone could tell me how to refinish the cuddy boards on my 74 O'Day Mariner project boat?
  6. Gunmetal Blue
    Gunmetal Blue
    Hello Forum Members. I am a retired and newly minted middle-age divorced white male in preparation to ship out in 2019 for a 5 yr. cruise.
  7. Jaybernard
    Jaybernard Sacto Dave
    Hi Dave saw your post. Are you a member of a sailing club in your area?? I live in Orangevale, if your not a member consider Fleet 4 great people.
    It looks like you still have the original keel winch??? Might want to think of upgrading the new keel winched have a bigger drum so less chance
    of kinking your cable, I had also an older winch fail trying to get it on the trailer was not fun!!
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    2. Sacto Dave
      Sacto Dave
      Hi Jaybernard! I am a member of Fleet 4. I have yet to sail, or attend a meeting, but look forward to meeting up with the club. Yes, that's the original (as far as I can tell) and a new winch is on the shopping list. Still trying to remove the old one. Just released the cable from the keel, now to release the cable from the winch.
      Jul 26, 2017
  8. Capri30
    Capri30 raft
    Troy, just curious I have one of ONLY two Capri 30's in Bay City. If you just bought "Falcon" I used to own that one before the one I currently have.
  9. Johnmartinek
    Catalina 27 Tall Rig
  10. Love and Luck
  11. Leatherneck
    1993 Mac 26c
  12. 24jmanley
  13. 24jmanley
    Exit Strategy
  14. skibob
  15. tudoulaile03
  16. Valiant1
    Laying afloat in Grenada for summer of 2017. Valiant performing like a champ!
  17. Araluen Pittwater
    Araluen Pittwater
    Today I went and picked up "Current Affair". Current Affair is listed separately by her (now) previous owner. She is a lovely boat.
  18. SeanP
    Back from the boat yard after TLC
  19. Peterspaire37
    1977 gulfstar 37 sloop for sale
  20. David Isolano
    David Isolano doc_cj
    I am going through the exact situation. My damage looks identical. Do you know the length of the Rudder shaft shaft? I am trying to find a replacement.