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  1. surfforce 1
    surfforce 1
    Saving money for haul out!
  2. SailboatHome
    What do you do with two 25 year olds looking for an ADVENTURE... High school buddies with no ties and a lot of time on their hands...
  3. Bob Fry
    Bob Fry travelingjerryb
    I want to add some 12v outlets forward, and aft, also gps. any insight or tibit on running new wiring
  4. Scott Kraft
    Scott Kraft
    Have owned Alden Caravelle 992A, Bounding Home since 1997.
  5. Tagi Garbizu
    Tagi Garbizu
    Want to post a sailboat for sale, please send me instructions how to do it.
  6. jamesk473
    jamesk473 jim473
    Where do you keep your 473 ?
    I have a 2002 473 with solar panels at Old Port Cove if you want to take a look. James 5612624279
  7. rgranger
  8. Pat Hooyman
    Pat Hooyman
    Sailing in the Florida keys
  9. CaptDon01
    Discussed with the way this C-22 forum has turned into a free for all. Too much advice from non-C-22 owners that doesn't apply, BYE!
  10. Captain Robin
  11. rich26nc
    2016 LPYC Christmas Parade
  12. shadowthecat
    New status. No longer Hunter owner, now O'Day owner.
  13. jointadventure
    looking forward to this site ,,seen some good discuss and site sharing,. finding info in the Rockies is tough.
  14. John L
    John L John Zienda
    Looking to rent a Strut Pro tool, running out of other sources.
  15. danphilgreen
    Just sanded the bottom and rolled on two of coats of bottom paint. Family on the way from up north next month. We are re-launching soon!
  16. danphilgreen
    Have had my boat on the trailer in the driveway for a while as I had a hip replacement and couldn't do anything with it for a while.
  17. John Tubb
    John Tubb
    Wishing I was sailing everyday...
  18. C22BC
    1984 Catalina 25 SK
  19. Sergey Vetrov
    Sergey Vetrov
    Hello Tomorrow!
  20. Tony Dyer
    Tony Dyer MrNoSmiles
    I need a picture of a 40CC Emergency Tiller. Can you help please? My email is: